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How to enable/disable buttons in ribbon conditionally?

In this article I will cover how we can enable and disable the controls from ribbon based on any specific column value. For an instance I have a list column "State", if selected row is having status "active" then and then button should be enable in Ribbon, otherwise ribbon button should remain disable.

For how to write Ribbon declaration please refer my previous articles.

In above image you can see we have one button "New" in ribbon within group "Console". Please refer the source code for Ribbon's declaration. We are going to use delegate control for injecting ECMA script on fly for desired list.
Below are the events causes ribbons to refresh so button can be turned enable/disable.
Checkbox from every rowSelectAll/DeselectAll checkbox from header rowOn every row selectOn each of above events after executing their respective functionality they instruct the ribbon to refresh. On received of refresh event ribbon calls Enable script for each of it…

Enabling a Button on the Ribbon Based on Selection

Enabling a Button on the Ribbon Based on Selection

A lot of people have asked me how to create a button which enables if and only if a single item is selected. This isn’t something we have out of the box, but the code to get this functionality is pretty simple. I’m going to assume that you’re generally familiar with SharePoint, CustomActions, and customizing the Ribbon – if that’s not the case, you’d probably be better off researching those things before delving into this.
Basically, the enabling behavior all boils down to the following few lines of code:

EnabledScript="javascript:function singleEnable() {   var items =
SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems();   var ci = CountDictionary(items);   return (ci == 1); } singleEnable();"
What this does is query to get the dictionary of selected items, and if the size of the dictionary is 1 it returns true (enable), otherwise it will return false (disable). Technically, I should have us…