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Configure ADFS, Claim-Based Authentication and IFD for MS CRM 2013

Limitation of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)1.ADFS requires default website & default port like port 80 & 443. On the server where you are going to install & configure ADFS, port no 80 & 443 should be available. 2.When Claim is enabled HTTPS must be used both for internal & external.
You need wild card certificate for Claim-Based Authentication & IFD
DNS ConfigurationYou need to create at least 5 host name in DC: Forward Lookup Zone (For DNS Resolution) 1.ADFS 2.0 URL (External Domain : adfs2. : 2.CRM Server IFD URL (CRM IFD Federation endpoint, e.g. 3.CRM Discovery Service endpoint ( 4.CRM Org URL ( 5.Internal URL to access the CRM (CRM Claims Federation endpoint, Install ADFS on CRM server or on a different server1.Go to Server Manager 2.Add Roles & Features 3.Select Insta…