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Monday, August 8, 2011

Cross Site List Rollup Web Part for SharePoint 2010

I was wondering that how to show a list from other site on my home page. But I didn’t get any proper & free solution. So I decided to create a Cross Site List Rollup Webpart .

Now I have developed a Cross site list rollup web part which can show your list from any site to any site (within site collation only) and I am ready to share this web part with all of you. 

It’s too simple in use. You have to just provide a:

  •   Site URL (Site URL from where you want to display list or library).
  •   List Title (Display Name of List) (Title of the list which has to be on given site URL).
  •   View Name (Name of view which you have created to show in this web part).

Now it is ready to use.


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