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Implement Live Chat in Sharepoint

This feature of the Windows Live Messenger application enables you to actually add a web-based messenger to your site or blog.

Check out to create one for yourself.

I will explain in brief.

you will see a setting for "Show your Messenger Status on the Web"

The checkbox "Allow websites to see your Messenger status and send you messages"
will allow any one to message you from the gadget.

You can place the gadget on any web page by copying the html code.

To get the HTML code click here

At the bottom you will find these instructions.
"Copy the HTML and paste it into your webpage"

Open your sharepoint page in browser.
Drag and Place a ContentEditorWebPart there.
In it's Source Editor, Past the HTML Code that you have copied.

That's It. Dude now people can catch you and c…