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Create an ASMX Web Service in SharePoint 2010 Using Visual Studio 2010

Back in SharePoint 2007, asmx web services were quite prevalent, thanks to the WSPBuilder tool, and it’s templates.   They are useful for executing actions between multiple web applications and can be used by client applications, as well.  Furthermore, InfoPath forms, deployed to SharePoint, could also use these asmx web services.
Unfortunately, Visual Studio 2010 did not come with a template for SharePoint web services.  So, today I will be writing about how we can create asmx web services for SharePoint 2010.  All you will need is SharePoint 2010. First, start a new Empty SharePoint 2010 project.  I will call this SPASMXService. Make sure to deploy it as a farm solution.
First, you need to close this project by right clicking on the project and then selecting ‘unload project’.
Then, right click on the project again, and select, ‘Edit SPASMXService’. Under <SandboxedSolution>False</SandboxedSolution> type in: