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Error occurred in deployment step 'Install app for SharePoint': Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site.

I was trying to create SharePoint apps using Visual Studio 2013 & when I tryied to deploy it was showing me an error :

The following feature need to be enabled :

Display Name: EnableAppSideLoading

Id: ae3a1339-61f5-4f8f-81a7-abd2da956a7d

Compatibility Level: 15

To enable sideloading feature, use the following PowerShell commands:

$site = Get-SPSite ""

$sideLoadingId = new-object System.Guid "ae3a1339-61f5-4f8f-81a7-abd2da956a7d"


Log error in a separate file

You can log your applications errors in separate text file. Use this code

public static void WriteException(string msg)
                    string LogFile = SPUtility.GetVersionedGenericSetupPath("LOGS",15) + "\\SPErrorLog-" + DateTime.Today.ToString("MM-dd-yyyy") + ".txt";
                    StringBuilder sMessage = new StringBuilder();
                    msg = msg.Replace("<b>", "");
                    msg = msg.Replace("</b>", "");
                    msg = msg.Replace("<HR/>", "");


                    if (!File.Exists(L…

Get error with details

You can log error with all details you want. Here is the example. You need to just pass the exception object & it will return you the whole error details which will be very helpful.  

public static string GetErrorInfo(Exception ex)
            StringBuilder errorRows = new StringBuilder();

            StackTrace stackTrace = new StackTrace(ex, true);
            StackFrame stackFrame = stackTrace.GetFrame(stackTrace.FrameCount - 1);
            MethodBase methodBase = null;
                methodBase = stackFrame.GetMethod();
            catch { }
            errorRows.AppendLine("<b>Server         : </b>" + System.Environment.MachineName + "<HR/>");
            errorRows.AppendLine("<b>Date Time         : </b>" + DateTime.Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") + "<HR/>");
                errorRows.AppendLine("<b>User    …