Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 9, 2014 Cumulative Updates for SharePoint 2013

Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2013 has been released for September 9, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Find Missing Web Part

Whenever a SharePoint Developer or Administrator opens Central Administration site, they usually see a notification on top of CA site which shows all the warnings & issues with the SharePoint Farm & Servers.

When you hit “View these issues”, You will get list of issues and warnings. In this list you will find a common error “Missing server site dependencies”.

When you click on the “Missing server site dependencies”, you will get list of errors with like these kinds of messages:

[MissingWebPart] WebPart class [8d6034c4-a416-e535-281a-6b714894e1aa] is referenced [2] times in the database [WSS_Content], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this web part. One or more web parts are referenced in the database [WSS_Content], but are not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature or solution which contains these web parts.

I was wondering to find our missing web pars from all sites. I found lots of solution with powershall & database commands. But I wanted a visual interface which can help me to find the missing web parts as well as other information about the web part.

So I developed a new utility for finding the missing web parts with location & remove one by one.

Now let me explain all the required fields first :

·         Server Name : you have to provide your database server name here

·         Database Name : Pick database name from the error message

·         Web Part ID : Pick web part id or webpart class id from the error message :

Now you can hit “Find” button. After clicking on the button , you will get list of information like:

·         Site Title

·         Site URL (relative)

·         List Title

·         Display Name

·         Page URL (relative)

·         Zone ID

·         Web Part Order

·         Class

·          Assembly

When you click on the row, all the related information will be filled out in the fields and when you double click on the row, internet explorer will be launched with the “Page URL“ field.

Click here to download this utility.
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