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SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design

Download SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design

ook DescriptionIf you are planning, designing, and launching your brand using SharePoint, this book and author trio will walk you through everything you need to know in an understandable and approachable way. From specific technologies such as master pages, page layouts, and CSS to offering best-practices and real-world experience for creating successful branding projects through SharePoint 2013, you will learn how to approach your branding project in effective new ways. This visual book provides step-by-step instructions in a simple and striking format that focuses on each of the tasks you will face in your own branding project.
Book DetailsPublisher:WroxBy:Randy DrisgillJohn RossPaul StubbsISBN:978-1-118-49567-4Year:Pages:432Language:EnglishFile size:54.4 MBFile format:PDF
Download SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design

Download ebook Extending jQuery

Download ebook Extending jQuery
Book DescriptionExtending jQuery teaches you to build custom extensions to the jQuerylibrary. In it, you'll discover how to write plugins and how to design them for maximum reuse. You'll also learn to write new widgets and effects for the jQuery UI. Along the way, you'll explore extensions in key areas including Ajax, events, animation, and validation.

This book assumes intermediate-level knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript. No experience writing plugins or other extensions is required.
Book DetailsPublisher:ManningBy:Keith WoodISBN:9781617291036Year:Pages:312Language:EnglishFile size:16.6 MBFile format:PDF
Q.What does AllowUnsafeUpdates do ?Ans.If your code modifies Windows SharePoint Services data in some way, you may need to allow unsafe updates on the Web site, without requiring a security validation. You can do by setting the AllowUnsafeUpdates property. C#: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 using(SPSite mySite = newSPSite("yourserver")) { using(SPWeb myWeb = mySite.OpenWeb()) { myWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true; SPList interviewList = myWeb.Lists["listtoinsert"]; SPListItem newItem = interviewList.Items.Add(); newItem["interview"] = "interview"; newItem.Update(); } } QWhat does RunWithElevatedPrivileges do?Ans.Assume that you have a Web Part in which you want to display information obtained through the Windows SharePoint Services object model, such as the name of the current site collection owner, usage statistics, or auditing information. These are examples of calls into the object model that require site-administration privileges. …