Saturday, April 20, 2013

Make field title bold

Use below given jQuery to make bold field title.

$("h3[class^='ms-standardheader']:contains('Assigned To')").css("font-weight", "Bold");
$("h3[class^='ms-standardheader']:contains('Description')").css("font-weight", "Bold");
$("h3[class^='ms-standardheader']:contains('Status')").css("font-weight", "Bold");
$("h3[class^='ms-standardheader']:contains('Priority')").css("font-weight", "Bold");

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Server 2013 Security

By default Project Server 2013 provides SharePoint Mode security which is new feature of Project Server 2013. It means you will not find any user security related section in PWA Setting. If you want to manage security in old way like Project Server 2010 "Manage Security", You have to change the security mode of project server.

To change the security mode use the PowerShell command :

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode –Url http://MyPS-2013/PWA/ -AdministratorAccount mydomain\administrator -Mode ProjectServer

For more details, Go to MS Technet

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development

Download ebook : Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development

Working with the Publishing API, Placeholders, Search, Web Services, RSS, and SharePoint Integration

Book Description

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 is a dynamic web publishing system with which you can build websites quickly and cost-efficiently. MCMS provides the administration, authoring, and data management functionality, and you provide the website interface, logic, and workflow. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) also features in the book. SPS 2003 enables enterprises to deploy an intelligent portal that seamlessly connects users, teams, and knowledge so that people can take advantage of relevant information across business processes to help them work more efficiently.

Book Details

Publisher:Packt Publishing
By:Andrew ConnellAngus LoganLim Mei Ying,Stefan Gobner
File size:8.7 MB
File format:PDF

Download ebook : Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development