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SharePoint Framework Training

SharePoint Framework Training

1.       Module 01

b.       Section 2 - SharePoint Framework Tools and Libraries

c.       Section 3 - SharePoint Client-side Components

d.       Section 4 - Setup your Development Environment

e.       Section 5 - Setup your Office 365 tenant

2.       Module 02

a.       Section 1 - SharePoint Yeoman Generator

b.       Section 2 - Tour the web part project

d.       Section 4 - SPFx Utilities

3.       Module 03

a.       Section 1 - Using mocks to simulate SharePoint data

b.       Section 2 - Using HttpClient to talk to SharePoint

c.       Section 3 - Basic List CRUD with no framework

4.       Module 04

a.       Section 1 - Deploy Assets for Production Usage

b.       Section 2 - Deploying to Azure Storage CDN

c.       Section 3 - Deploying to SharePoint CDN

d.       Section 4 - Updating Web Parts

5.       Module 05

a.       Section 1 - Working with the Property Pane

b.       Section 2 - Building custom property pane fields

6.       Module 06

a.       Section 1 - Basic project structure from Yeoman

b.       Section 2 - Office UI Fabric Core

c.       Section 3 - Office UI Fabric React

d.       Section 4 - Basic React Implementation

7.       Module 07

a.       Section 1 - Loading JavaScript libraries

b.       Section 2 - Angular 1.x

c.       Section 3 - Using Knockout

8.       Download Solution from GitHub
More details can be found here.
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